Captains' Charity 2022

The membership of Maidenhead Golf Club raised a significant amount of money for the local charity Alzheimer Dementia Support (ADS) throughout 2021 and over the course of year we heard from many members of how the charity had provided help and assistance to them and their loved ones.

Given the overwhelming response from our members and the relationship that we have now developed with ADS staff and volunteers, the Captains’ Charity for 2022 will once again be Alzheimer Dementia Support (ADS).

ADS are a local charity operating in the Ascot, and Slough districts “supporting people in the local community whose lives are directly or indirectly affected by Dementia”. Please take a look below at a preview of the ADS website or click on the following website to view their website in another tab.

Please extend your generosity and support for this charity in 2022.

Mike Hurst (Club Captain 2022) and Jo Holden (Ladies’ Captain 2022)