Membership Categories
Adult - 7 Day Full
Adult - 7 Day Restricted*
Adult - 5 Day
Adult - Weekend**
Adult - 3 Month Trial***
Junior - 7 Day Full
Adult Social

Adult Membership's for Men and Ladies; Open to anyone over the age of 18. Full Members can play anytime while Five Day Members can play Mon-Fri including Bank Holidays.

7 Day Restricted, allows individuals to play any time Monday - Friday and the weekends after 12.30pm during the Summer and afer 11.49am during the Winter.

We pride ourselves in offering discounted 7 Day Membership rates for anyone up to the age of 29. This therefore allows

Junior Membership is available for children aged between 12 and 17.

Social Members have access to all the clubhouse facilities such as the restaurant and bar. You are also welcome to all social events run by the club.

Our Weekend only membership category is designed for busy people who, probably due to work and family commitments have limited opportunity to play golf more regularly. It gives playing rights on Saturdays and Sundays after 12pm. This means they can enter the Monthly Medals in order to submit cards for handicap purposes.

Please note A Bar Levy is applicable to all adult categories over 23 years of age giving you a discount off all drinks purchased at the bar.

Our newest category of ‘3 Month Trial Membership’, is designed to offer potential New Members that chance to ‘Trial’ the course for 3 Months, having the same playing rights as a Full 7 Day Member. Full T&C’s of the Membership Category are available by clicking on the link below.

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Please contact James on for any further information regarding Categories of Membership and current Subscription Rates.